February 15, 2011#

Design to Present

I love what I do.

Designing presentations isn’t a glamorous job. Quite often, it means long days and late nights working on last minute changes. Event dates are scheduled far in advance, yet most presenters wait until the last minute before concentrating on their presentations.

Regardless of the pressures, I welcome the challenges this unique medium brings. It’s pretty exciting to see your work projected on a 40′ screen. And so gratifying to hear from an appreciative client, who says they’ve never felt more confident as a presenter. That’s what inspires me. Helping others make that visual/verbal connection with an audience. Teaching them to speak to the audience instead of reading their slides. Showing them how graphics and images can be used to communicate their ideas much more effectively than a paragraph of text. I love trying new ideas. I enjoy being inspired by other designers, in all mediums.

So you want to improve your presentations? Become a better presentation designer? Me, too. Because if we’re not learning, we’re not living. I’m sure to learn a lot while writing this blog. I hope you do, too.

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